Sakuroski: The Anime!

2012-05-10 08:37:08 by BrerSteve

Hope you all check out my latest animation, "Sakuroski". I really enjoyed making it, though it started off more as a joke just making fun of common themes in anime.

Anyway, I'd love to hear more about what you guys think on Newgrounds. I'm considering making some follow up animations to Sakuroski, and turn it into a parody anime sort of thing. I'm open to ideas and tips!

Sakuroski: The Anime!

I mades a game

2009-02-05 13:32:49 by BrerSteve

So, I haven't been animating for quite a while. But I shall be getting back to that, likely over the summer!

As a side-project, I've been making a video game / interactive comic of sorts called Caveman Dan

Check it out, maybe you will enjoy playing it too!

This post makes it not the last post

2008-10-15 15:34:15 by BrerSteve

See, now that I'm posting here, it means that the last post isn't sitting up forever as though it's all that's ever happened.

Now you know.

The important thing is, stuff is goin' on, and as soon as this school year is over, I hope to make some spectacular new movies with some new skills I've learned.
Oh and also, I'm super excited about the new Max Payne movie. And I'm super NOT excited about how that Jackie girl from That 70's Show is a lead character. So I figured she should get Weegee'd:

Now the news is current. Success = +1

This post makes it not the last post

To my good friend Paul

2008-02-20 02:32:44 by BrerSteve

So things have been insane lately.
2 weeks ago one of my best friends since highschool was in a van that fell through the ice on a lake, and he drowned. You may know him as Paul from the Ninja Turtles series I was doing...

He is a remarkable man, and an excellent friend. I will miss him.

Needless to say, that means that I won't be animating Ninja Turtles anymore. It would be too weird.
Just wanted to share that I guess...

Yeah buddy!

2007-07-18 21:06:56 by BrerSteve

Well then.

I've been working mostly of late on my website, trying to make it more snazzy. Though it looks like the new newgrounds layout kinda puts mine to shame, I mean it's different.

I will be back to the flash animating again in no time. Got one that's half done.. a third "request" that I hope you'll all enjoy!